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102 King St. West
Bowmanville ON Canada
L1C 1R5

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Catering Equipment

Chafing dish
—comes with a large insert or a split insert
—requires 2 fuel cans @$3.99 ea. (not included)
$16.00 chafing unit Corn pot $37.50 corn pot
Coffee percolator-36-cup 10.00 36 cup percolator Drink insulated server 20.00 insulated drink server
Coffee percolator-55 cup 11.00 55 cup percolator Fill and chill table 20.00 fill and chill table
Coffee percolator-100 cup 12.00 100 cup percolator Meat slicer 30.00 meat slicer
Convection oven
—requires propane
350.00 convection oven Range
—requires propane
350.00 Range