Rainbow Bridge

This page is devoted to the special dogs we have lost. They won't be forgotten.

My Life as a Dog

I domesticated my animal nature: instincts, needs, rhythms, and vital joy
—in order to live in your house.

I listened and learned, ears perked, to your orders and to your intonations.
I understood your codes.

I knew how to constrain myself to go gently, so as not to knock over the child,
the grandmother and the "petit animal à moustaches." (the cat)

From each one of you, I knew how to take or to ask for flattery and play.
I loved your company,  whether playful or calm.

I was proud of my duty to guard the gate, the front step, and the household,
watching for intruders.

And I still had my own secret kingdom out in the garden, or while out on a
 walk, where I could unleash in nature the original power of my senses.

I entered into this bond with you without fear of submission
— for we gave one another respect.

When next I had to die, it was without knowing sickness or decline. I left
 dignified and without complaint, all-the-while understanding your tears.

In our exchanges, I taught you different and specific emotions : that of
 animalité : those instinctual codes that you had lost. I offered you
another relationship with nature.

For all of this, I am proud, and I know that you will have other dogs so as
to continue this sharing.

("Ma Vie de Chien" was written in French by Marie-Françoise Vidal
after her dog Jaby made it over Le Pont de l'Arc-en-ciel.)

Bonnie when she was young

Bonnie in later years

Bonnie was our first.  She died in 2007, almost 16 years old. She is the reason why
Aussies are such a huge part of our lives. (Click pictures to enlarge)

Regalstar's Daisy Crockett
Regalstar's Daisy Crockett "Daisy"

Kool Hand Luke
Kirrabilli's Kool Hand Luke "Lucas"

Ch. Caledonia's Toymaker "Toy"

Kirrabilli's Wind Me Up
"Pogo", always our special boy

Ch. Debern As Promised To Fireside "Bri"

This gentle boy is missed by all who knew him

Gefions Clasified At ThundeRun
July 21/04-Jan.8/18
Kirrabilli's Quick As A Wink
Ch. Gefion'sOneOfABunchAtKirrabilli
May 4/06-Sept.15/18
Ch. Cedarpaws Tye1On At Kirrabilli
March 23/09-Nov. 1/18

With a very heavy heart, I must tell you that I lost my
wonderful boy Tye to bone marrow cancer. Tye was loved
by everyone who met him. Many times, people who visited
would be greeted by Tye and they would always say
“we’ll take him”. He sired many beautiful and
talented puppies. Co-owner and breeder
Karen (Cedarpaws) and I will always miss this
one in a million dog. Tye truly was my heart dog.

We've lost two of our special girls during the pandemic, Powder at 13 and Shiver at 10. 
It's always difficult to lose family members but it seems especially sad at this time.
Kirrabilli's Goosebumps "Shiver"
Kirrabilli's Powdered All Over "Powder"
Ch Jolifilo I Believe at Kirrabilli "Capri"
Apr. 24, 2010-May 23, 2022
Ch Kirrabilli's Cherry Cola "Soda"
Sept. 6, 2008-June 29, 2003